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When our long time companion, a mixed-breed shelter dog passed away at the ripe old age of 15½, we began to look for a new dog to bring into our family.   We researched many breeds and kept coming back to the Rhodesian Ridgeback.  Mike’s godparents had a Ridgeback when he was growing up and he always thought that dog was the coolest dog ever. Looking for a Ridgeback was no easy task!


During summer and early fall 2005, we spoke to several breeders within a few hundred miles, without luck. We were becoming frustrated, finding a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy was very difficult.  Mike’s friend Carla (Carbor Schnauzers), who has been showing and breeding Miniature and Standard Schnauzers for many years suggested that we to go to a dog show, confident that we would find a responsible breeder. We would also be able to discuss Ridgebacks with owners and handlers. We decided to attend the Wine Country shows at Sampson State Park in October 2005,  where we met our good friend and adviser Crissy Cone (Redstone RR).  She put us in contact with a breeder near Lyndonville, NY who had puppies.  This is where we found our Daisy.


At the time, we only planned on a companion dog (pet) and we were hoping for a black-nosed male. However, when we went to see them, we fell in love with a liver-nosed, show-quality female.  After having her for only 3 months we realized we were in over our heads! Daisy was trying to control our home.  We enrolled her in obedience class where she did fantastic,  and we were able to regain control.  


Our obedience instructor, Patty Nagel,  who shows and breeds Irish Setters (Qualfied),  is also a conformation instructor.  She encouraged us to attend conformation class and to show Daisy.  Patty thought Daisy was beautiful. Daisy has a very nice pedigree and her conformation is sound.  Daisy just started winning and winning and we had so much fun showing her.  Once she finished (became an AKC champion), we decided to breed her.


We had many mentors helping us with her first breeding:  Diane Blackwood (Legacy RR) president of The Rhodesian Ridgeback Association of Western New York , Mike and Mary Teeling (Tajmani RR) past president of RRCUS and AKC delegate, and Patty Nagel, breeder.  The breeding process was very educational and rewarding. Daisy’s first breeding was a great success:  we were blessed with a beautiful litter of nine healthy puppies in June 2008. Our interest in Ridgebacks has since become our passion, involving all members of the family! We continue on in Daisy's memory, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in July 2018, leaving a hole that is impossible to fill but nonetheless inspires our continued passion for the breed.

For the Frew family, Rhodesian Ridgebacks are a labor of love. Dawn and Michael and their three daughters live just south of Buffalo with their beautiful dogs, Ozzy and Rose'.

In honor of Daisy, Eden Ridge's first ever Rhodesian Ridgeback, a certified AKC champion! Daisy sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge in July 2018.

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